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2006: Building on Momentum

of all Brady Endorsed Candidates won their races.
of Brady Endorsed Candidates beat NRA-backed Candidates in head-to-head match-ups.
18 out of 26
U.S. Senate Candidates backed by the NRA lost their race.

The Brady Campaign has exploded the myth that the gun lobby — led by the National Rifle Association — is an unstoppable political force. In 2006, 95% of our endorsed candidates won, and in those campaigns where we went head-to-head with the NRA, we beat them 80% of the time!

Brady-endorsed candidates beat NRA-backed candidates in five out of five races for Governor and four out of four races for the U.S. Senate.

Most notable among our victories was the re-election of Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle. When Gov. Doyle vetoed a plan to allow almost anyone to carry loaded, hidden guns in public places like daycare centers, accessrx reviews college campuses, and taverns, the NRA vowed his defeat. The gun lobby spent nearly $290,000 on television, print and radio ads trying to do it. But, in the end, voters rejected the extremism of the gun lobby.

The Message Is Clear

When the gun issue is in play in an election, we can win... and support from the gun lobby can be negative for candidates if organizations like the Brady Campaign are there to spotlight it.

This is why we must re-double our efforts in the 2008 elections to make sure our calls for stronger gun laws are heard loud and clear on the campaign trail, from the presidential race to federal and state legislative contests.

A Winning Issue
Watch Brady President Paul Helmke's Video Blog on the 2006 Elections

Contrary to what the NRA would like the American public to believe, supporting common sense gun violence prevention measures helped elect candidates at the state and federal levels across the country, and the Brady Campaign is not aware of any races where our support caused a candidate to lose.

After his victory for the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania's 7th District, Joe Sestak said, "The support of the Brady Campaign — and all of their grassroots members — was a great help in my victory."

Many winning candidates singled out the Brady Campaign and its members and supporters for thanks.

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2006: Building on Momentum
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